Your own Wi-Fi system allows you to provide another layer of service to your customers. Be it a paid or free, it's a fact that customers select establishments that provide this service and reject the one's that don't.
With our most popular plans there is no cost for the equipment. We provide, maintain and replace if needed. You also can purchase and maintain your own equipment.
No one likes hackers, and it's just a fact that Wi-Fi is a very insecure method to send data. This is the main reason why using most of the low level Wi-Fi routers from consumer stores offer an "open door" to your network as well as every customer using your system.  Our servers and remote nodes have advanced system features that quash bad guys. This protects you and your customers!

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Welcome to Wicked Wireless WiFi Systems
We're glad you found us. Wicked Wireless provides Wi-Fi systems to Cafes, RV Parks, Apartment complex's, Restaurant's, or just about anywhere you want to supply your customer with a high quality internet experience.

Our network plans let you control your wireless needs, from totally free customer access, to a "pay per use" plan. Best of all, you keep all the revenue from your hotspots, and you are in control.

Want to provide a free service but want your customers to see your branding? Need to promote a special or want to get your menu to the customers? We have you covered, you can design your own splash page, and change it on the fly! Don't have time to do it yourself? We can take care of that for you, and of course, its no cost. Check our features and Wi-Fi plans pages for more.

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